1. Choose any one of our bingo rooms by selecting the room you wish to enter from our lobby area. We have a choice of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo in our bingo club. We also have a variety of Pre-Buy games, which are jackpot games you can purchase tickets for in advance of the game.
  2. When inside a bingo room you are able to purchase bingo tickets in any of the other open bingo rooms by selecting ‘change rooms’ button.
  3. To select your tickets simply click on the tickets you wish to buy.  You can select multiple strips or you can click on the Quick Buy button to choose your tickets.
  4. To purchase your tickets once you have completed your selection, click the ‘Buy Selected’ button.  Your purchase is complete once your tickets say “bought”.
  5. The purchase of all tickets is final.


Game Rules:

  1. Bingo Clubhouse numbers are called every 3 seconds.
  2. The goal is to mark all your numbers featured on the ticket (in 90 ball) or the numbers within the individual pattern on one of your tickets in (75 ball) to be completely filled.
  3. Bingo Clubhouse bingo is played in auto mode at all times.  This means we will mark your tickets for you and we will notify you during the game if you hold a winning ticket.
  4. Prizes can be real money, clubhouse bonus money, Club Coins, or other physical prizes i.e. laptops & shopping sprees!
  5. If there is more than 1 winning ticket in the game, the prize will be split between all of the winning tickets. E.g. if there are 4 winning tickets, but 1 player holds two of the winning tickets, that player will receive 50% of the prize because they hold 50 % of the winning tickets.
  6. From time-to time some Bingo Clubhouse games will offer 1TG, 2TG or 3TG prizes. These prizes are awarded to players who have just one number to go to win (1TG) or two numbers to go (2TG) and so on.  Please see separate terms and conditions labelled 1tg/2tg.
  7. There must be a minimum number of five players in a game for the game to start. The game will not start if there are less than five players who have bought tickets in the game and all other players will be refunded for that game.
  8. In the event of malfunction, all play and pays are voided.

Please play responsibly - for more information visit

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